Interactive Learning: a shift in contemporary education system

The technology landscape, from computing devices to learning management systems and digital textbooks, continues to bring new opportunities for educators. The widespread adoption of mobile computing device, mobile application and digital content corroborates to the need for interaction in learning.

Education investments need to focus on tools that not only provide value by motivating students to be active participants in their own education but also increase collaboration and connections in the learning environment.

Our goal is to create a shift in contemporary education system, by inculcating a system where the classroom environment is built on interaction.

Future learning; Collaborative learning

SILS (Solutek Interactive Learning Solution)


Research has shown learning to be more effective as an active rather than passive process.

SILS provides an active learning process that engages every learner, with the relevant technology tool, thereby enhancing their imaginative capacity and enabling them deploy the appropriate skills for creativity and productivity.

SILS comprises an e-Learning management system that will transform any classroom from a learning island to a smart collaborative and multimedia learning center.

Our approach is student-centric; where all students have access to computing devices, digital content and applicable software for interaction, improved learning, and retention.

SILS (Solutek Interactive Learning Solution)

The world today views learning through a lens of interactivity…. participatory learning increases retention.

Our goal is to have schools equipped with relevant technology tools for interactive learning.

  • Instant screen content sharing, enabling teachers and students share engaging, not static, content on each other’s tablets.
  • Learner Response System to enable the teacher assess level of understanding and level of engagement of the students, as well as determine how well the class understands the lessons taught and change plans if there is poor understanding of the material. The teacher can also quickly identify students who may need personal attention.
Virtual discussion board for discussion
Discussion Board

SILS features a Learner Management System which provides a virtual board for interactivity, where students can access lectures, practice papers, quizzes, and other relevant materials uploaded by their teachers.

Here students can discuss course topics and lessons with other students and teachers, and benefit tremendously from interacting with others in collaborative learning.

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