Solutek Academy Manager (SAM)

Designed to provide a monitored learning experience as an effective strategy for improved child performance and overall wellbeing.

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Solutek academy manager (SAM)


When your child is priority, you choose SAM!

SAM provides parents with real time update on the academic activities and welfare of their children,
keeping them within reach at all times.
SAM is built to fosters parent involvement in children’s curricular activities.

Solutek academy manager (SAM)

Curb truancy; monitor your child’s class attendance.

Students who are unjustifiably absent from class have an increased risk of alienation from the education system. Sustained truancy affects educational achievement and can lead to significantly diminished opportunities later in life.

SAM is an effective strategy, through parental involvement, for improved attendance and behaviour.

Communication between school and parents only got easier!

SAM provides a cost effective communication channel between the school and parents. This bridged communication allows for timely intervention in areas of concern.

No matter the work schedule, parents can interact with the school to discuss academic performance, and other concerns from any location.

Communication between School Admin

Key Features

SAM is built with features designed to optimize the monitored learning experience

Class routine

access class routine and academic calendar

Study management

manage your child’s performance with detailed academy report

Study material

Access a detailed list of study materials for your child


Parents can view full detail of examination schedule

Fees payment

Receive payment notification, make payments online.

Notice board

Updated notice board for upcoming events.


Send instant messages


Enables parents can view performance report of their children


get update on assignments


Receive update on school activities.

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